University of Portsmouth Clearing Campaign

The Brief

Provide a lead generation campaign for the University's Clearing, including microsite and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Reach and convert online audiences; design, build, implementation and delivery of a clearing campaign, provide data and analytics on cost-per-aquisition (CPA) and return on investment (ROI).


What we did

Built a dedicated campaign website for the University to collect data and bookings, drove traffic through social, adwords, content network marketing and more. Clearing campaign website featured;

  • Video clips of campus, areas of interest and key interviews
  • VR tours of halls of residence
  • Realtime event schedule
  • Minified Live course search 
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Live chat and data capture and key touch points
  • Cloud infrastructure to support traffic

The Outcome

Exceeded targets for Open Days and University Clearing. Continued to successfully deliver the University's Clearing campaigns for 3 years.

University of Portsmouth Clearing Campaign Website

Featuring virtual relality (VR) halls of residence tours, Live Chat integration, Marketing Automation integration and data capture, Live search connected to main website search functionality (including cached data), video backgrounds and drone airial footage plus many other features.

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