Yellow School Photography Ecommerce Website

The Brief

To take a 100% paper based, School Photography business and transform into a digital, automated, e-commerce enterprise. The web platform must match a photograph with a school and child and then display related products for that school and photograph. Also identify delivery costs and delivery cut-off date related to the school. Secure ecommerce payment with bespoke merchant provider. Extract completed orders to Kodak printer API.


What we did

Digital transformation for a successful paper/print business. Developed a bespoke ecommerce website with advanced backend systems and administration. We also provided a custom backoffice and CMS that allows system administrators to manage all users, products, services, categories, settings, orders and reporting. The project was highly complex as photographs need to be identified, and matched to a school and correct child, then match to other variables such as bespoke pricing, products, delivery options and a bespoke ecommerce merchant gateway. We also built a custom reporting system to drill down to data on any item/category/school/etc. 

The Outcome

  • Concept to BETA in 4 months
  • Advanced product settings and options with custom options and individual pricing
  • Bespoke products and pricing per customer
  • Matches products and options to photo type
  • Existing customer base spend + 9% increase in 2018/19


Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 15.22.31   (21 Feb 2020)_1

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 15.22.45   (21 Feb 2020)